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Humber Bridge from Waters Edge
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Tolls to remain frozen for the next five years

There will be no increase in tolls at the Humber Bridge for the next five years, the Humber Bridge Board has resolved.

Currently, motorists pay £1.50 to cross the bridge in a car – or £1.35 if using the HumberTAG – and these prices are set to remain frozen for the next five years.

The cost for vans and heavy goods vehicles will also remain the same for five years.

Rob Waltham, chair of the Humber Bridge Board, said:

When the Government halved the Humber Bridge debt, which enabled us to cut the toll, we were bound by an act of Parliament to play a key role in the economic regeneration of the region.  Holding the Toll at £1.50 has been significant in growing the Humber economy.  Now with the addition of the Humber TAG, users of the bridge are able to travel swiftly through the toll with a significant financial saving too.

We have some exciting plans to broaden the income from tourism through the installation of a lift, making the bridge a tourist attraction and enhancing the visitor economy of the whole Humber area.  However, we have never wanted to do this at the expense of our loyal customers and people who use the bridge as a lifeline between both sides of the estuary, for both work and leisure. We decided from the start that that wouldn’t be fair, and we decided to enforce this through a commitment to freeze the tolls for the next five years.

The Humber Bridge has a very exciting future; it will remain an important of part connecting the economies North and South bank of the Humber, whilst at the same time becoming a world renowned visitor attraction with the development of a new lift.  Keeping our commitment to a reduced toll is an important part of our supporting the local economy, we know that businesses rely on it and it acts as a major financial saving to local people.  The Humber Bridge is an important part of our local community and the board has a clear agenda to continue to deliver on the regeneration of our area.

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