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Prime Minister’s commitment to speed up roll-out of renewables will slash energy bills 

Responding to the Prime Minister’s landmark announcements on energy policy in the House of Commons today, RenewableUK’s CEO Dan McGrail said:

“Everyone will benefit from the new Prime Minister’s clear commitment to speed up the roll-out of renewables. Liz Truss has sent a clear signal that delivering cheap clean power for billpayers as fast as possible is at the heart of Government’s energy strategy and the renewable energy sector is ready to meet that challenge.

“We’re already working closely with Ministers and our member companies on proposals to break the link between the unaffordable cost of gas and the price of electricity. Renewable projects which have gone live since 2015 are already on these ultra-low cost contracts which actually pay money back to consumers. A new scheme would see older renewable energy projects moving onto new fixed-price contracts, and this would be open to include as many generators as possible.  

“The review announced by the Prime Minister on how to reach Net Zero in a way which maximises growth creates a golden opportunity to ensure that we build up our renewable energy supply chains throughout the UK, boosting jobs and investment in our new green economy”. 

“Liz Truss is right to highlight our enormous potential not only to boost the UK’s energy security, but also to become a net exporter of energy by 2040. Harnessing our massive resources of renewables and green hydrogen potential will be key to achieving this”.

“Although the Prime Minister’s announcements set out various measures, we’re confident that accelerating renewables will prove to be the only scalable solution which delivers meaningful and sustainable savings for billpayers and helps UK be a net energy exporter”.

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