Tony Boorman – Director of Stafforce Recruitment

    Tony Boorman - Director Stafforce Recruitment

    Tell us a bit about yourself

    I’ve worked in recruitment for 17 years and before that spent eight years in the FMCG food manufacturing sector. I joined Stafforce 14 years ago when the company won a contract to supply workers to three Young’s Seafood sites and needed someone to deliver that business. Because of my combined experience I was perfect for the role.

    What is your role in the company now?

    Four years ago I became a board director and now lead Stafforce Recruitment on a national level. Along with colleagues on the senior management team I look at our business objectives and make decisions about the strategy that will achieve them. I am also closely involved in the operational side of the company, ensuring that strategy converts into action and ultimately drives Stafforce Recruitment forward and I take an active role delivering excellent customer service to our key clients.

    What are the objectives of the business going forward?

    Creating value is the ultimate aim, for our clients, for our workers and ourselves, and growth is key to that. We recently opened four new offices – two in South Yorkshire, one in Wolverhampton and one in the Docklands area of London – and others will follow shortly. Last year we turned over £66m and we are projecting to increase that to £81m this year, with similar growth planned for subsequent years.

    How has Stafforce Recruitment changed over the time you have been working for it?

    The industry itself has seen a lot of changes but the core values that Stafforce was built upon have stayed consistent and they have helped the business become a UK Top 100 recruiter. In the food manufacturing industry auditing has become very stringent, process and quality are critical to our clients and we have a raft of employment legislation to meet. We have to be the experts so we can support and protect our clients in adhering to all that is required. That is why we’ve always adopted a partnership approach; we get to know our client’s businesses very well so we can tailor the correct support to them.

    We were also among the early pioneers of the On-Site model. Bigger companies with large volume and fluctuating requirements weren’t best serviced through a high street office so we moved on site with them to enable us to offer a more immediate and bespoke service.

    What sets Stafforce Recruitment apart from other firms in the industry?

    There is a sense of morality that runs through the business. Recruitment doesn’t always get the best press which means we set our values very high to ensure we’re never tarred with that brush. We seek not just to be compliant but morally right in the way we act, with clients and with the workers we supply. They’re our livelihood so it is key for us to manage them respectfully and ensure we remain their employer of choice.

    On a personal level who has influenced your career?

    I’ve always been driven to succeed and be the best I can, but in terms of other people it is the teams I’ve worked with over the years. I’m always learning from the people around me and feed off those individuals and their uniqueness. Certainly from a leadership and strategy point of view my board colleagues are a big influence.

    How do you spend your spare time?

    I have a young daughter so I like to spend as much time with my family as possible. I play golf as well. Other than that dining out, holidays and supporting Arsenal.

    Finally, soapbox. Is there anything that really gets on your nerves?

    I’m actually a fairly laid back kind of person but I do have a couple of pet hates.
    One, the exploitation of low-paid workers – we should be working together to eliminate poor practise and protect the vulnerable.
    Two – parking across my drive!
    I live in a small market town close to the local shops and I’m forever blocked out or in as people vie for a parking space.

    People of Epworth, be warned!

    Tony Boorman - Director Stafforce RecruitmentStafforce Recruitment is part of Stafforce Personnel Ltd and was established by Nick Cragg, a Chartered Civil Engineer, in 1977, after he became disillusioned by recruitment companies providing him with inappropriate staff.

    The company is a UK Top 100 recruiter which supplies temporary and permanent workers across a range of commercial, industrial and manufacturing industries, particularly food manufacturing, and can count some of the UK’s largest manufacturing companies among its clients.

    Headquartered in Reginald Arthur House, Percy Street, Rotherham, Stafforce Recruitment now has 28 branches and onsite operations stretching from Fraserburgh in Northern Scotland to Chichester on the south coast, including two in London.

    It is the sister brand to Nicholas Associates, an executive search specialist also founded and owned by Nick Cragg, which complements the services offered by Stafforce Recruitment by recruiting senior management and director-level personnel.

    In January this year Stafforce Recruitment launched new offices in Sheffield, Doncaster, Wolverhampton and Docklands in London as part of growth strategy that will see the company expand its national network and grow sales.

    In 2014 the company reported a turnover of £66m and has projected sales of £81m for the current financial year.

    The company prides itself on compliance and was recently awarded the status of ‘Business Partner’ to Stronger Together, an organisation dedicated to the reducing human trafficking, forced labour and exploitation of workers.

    For more information contact Stafforce Recruitment:

    Reginald Arthur House, Percy Street, Rotherham, S65 1ED, call the National Recruitment Sales Team on
    (0114) 3840105 or go to