Lee Wade – Founder of Exponential-e

    Lee Wade - Founder of Exponential-e

    Lee Wade is CEO of British cloud and networking provider Exponential-e. He holds a Masters degree in Econometrics from UCL and is an IT specialist with over 15 years’ experience in the Internet sector.

    Prior to founding Exponential-e, Lee worked for McDonnell Douglas and BP. He later focused on corporate turnarounds in the communications sector. In his last two roles before founding Exponential-e, Lee was responsible for the turnaround of two Service Providers.

    Earlier this year Exponential-e launched CloudNet, a business-class fibre connection that comes bundled with Internet and direct private access to multiple cloud services with a single End-to-End SLA.

    Lee Wade - Founder of Exponential-eLee comments:

    This is another world-first technology launch from Exponential-e. It is a game-changing Cloud-network innovation that resolves the data security and privacy concerns many companies have regarding the adoption of Cloud services. In addition, accessing Cloud services via the Internet is not acceptable for business critical applications anymore. Cloud and network technology has surpassed the Internet. Bandwidth, compute and storage are complementary business resources. Until today, you could not buy them in this simple fashion. Two years from now, all service providers will adopt this approach to Internet and Cloud service provision.

    As an advocate of innovation, Lee has lectured extensively on the subject.

    He is passionate about the monetisation of innovation. Exponential-e’s own strapline ‘applied innovation’ is more than just a platitude and is a testament to his belief that innovation should be at the core of every business.