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Operation Phoenix commemorated with plaque

The Cleethorpes Buck Beck Beach Bench has seen a new addition to it as local accountancy firm Forrester Boyd presented a commemorative plaque to the original founders of the bench, to recognise the community spirit and camaraderie shown during Operation Phoenix, which saw the rebuild commence following a fire in May.

Staff at Forrester Boyd were saddened when they heard the news of the fire. Since the launch of Operation Phoenix, so many people have helped to rebuild the bench and the accountancy firm wanted to do something to commemorate the collaboration of the community, their togetherness and determination to rebuild the bench. 

Philip George, Business Development Partner at the Accountancy firm said,

“After reading about the fire and then the launch of Operation Phoenix, we thought it would be a nice gesture to commission something to commemorate the work that everyone has done in rebuilding the beach landmark. I approached Zoe Baker, a local talented carpenter to ask if she could bring our ideas to life. She has more than delivered upon that with this 3D wooden shield.” 

The shield is adorned with a phoenix rising from the flames, along with a plaque to commemorate the rebuild of the bench. 

Alison Mitchell, Marketing Manager from Forrester Boyd contacted the original founders of the bench to arrange to meet and present them with the shield so they could affix it to the bench for all to enjoy. 

Nick Albion, one of the original founders said,

“This is absolutely fantastic. I am humbled that Forrester Boyd would do this. When Alison first approached me and told me about what they had done, you could not wipe the huge smile off my face. So many people have been involved in Operation Phoenix, many whom have come along today to mark this occasion.”

Guy Bryant, one of the other original founders said that the support both locally and nationally has been amazing. He said,

“it has been the community that have pulled together to make the bench what it is today and it’s amazing to see.”

The Buck Beck Beach Bench once again stands proudly on the Cleethorpes coast and is an ever evolving landmark as people continue to visit and leave their mark on it daily. 

[Photo: L-R Front – Guy Bryant, Felix Taylor, Will Sampson, Mark Drant,
Back – Philip George and his son, Zoe Baker, Nick Albion, Jamie Parker, Alison Mitchell]

Forrester Boyd – Philip George, Alison Mitchell and Jamie Parker.  Original founders of the bench and members of Operation Phoenix, Guy Bryant, Felix Taylor, Will Sampson, Mark Drant, Nick Albion.  Plaque creator – Zoe Baker.

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