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New research has revealed that The University of Lincoln has produced the 10th most start-up businesses.

The research, carried out by the UK’s leading business financial platform Tide, revealed the universities that have produced the most graduate start-ups, including sole traders, since 2014/15.

The top 10 universities that have produced the most start-up businesses:

Interestingly, it wasn’t a Russell Group university or a business school that produced the most start-ups, but actually, the Royal College of Art. The fact that the Royal College and other arts universities produced so many businesses is likely due to the fact that a large number of artists and people in creative industries are self-employed.
Another London university was close behind in second, with Kingston University producing 1,630 start-ups since 2014/15, with start-ups from Kingston benefiting from investment from a partnership with Santander.
The university with the most grad start-ups outside of London is Falmouth, located in Cornwall. Falmouth is primarily a creative university and provides support via its Launchpad programme, which has a specific focus on helping students to bring their ideas into the market.
Further Insights: 

  • The university with the greatest income from the intellectual property of its students was the University of Oxford, standing at an incredible £213 million in just the last five years.
  • The university with the third-highest income from the ideas of its students is Sheffield, at £64 million.
  • Oxford students had over 3,000 patents granted in the last five years, landing it the top spot as the higher education provider with the most patents granted.
  • Students from the University of Cambridge have been responsible for 1,377 patents that have been granted in the last five years, placing it in second place, behind Oxford.

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