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Humber Runner enters service from Riga to Goole

The port of Goole recently welcomed the newly named Humber Runner on her maiden voyage under time-charter to TTS (Shipping) Ltd.

Owned by Navalis Shipping who recently acquired TTS Shipping Ltd, Humber Runner arrived with a cargo of timber to Global Shipping based on Associated British Ports (ABP) most inland Humber port.

TTS operate long established timber lines from the Baltic Sea into the ports of Goole, Hull & Immingham.

Newly purchased by Navalis, Humber Runner is an ice-class 1A vessel suitable when sailing from Riga in the Baltic in wintertime, and yet has the draft to navigate the channels in the Humber Estuary.

Humber Runner at the port of Goole on her maiden voyage

Simon Bird, Regional Director of the Humber ports said: “We are delighted to welcome Humber Runner to our port of Goole. It is great Navalis have recognised the lack of smaller ice-class ships in today’s marketplace to support the regular line to the Humber.

Dougie Bryce, the retiring director of TTS Shipping will be sorely missed by everyone when he eventually retires, and we wish him a long and happy retirement.”

Dougie Bryce, outgoing director of TTS Shipping said: “This commitment by Navalis ensures the long-term future of this line and the continuity of the business, not just for TTS but also for ABP, our stevedores Global Shipping Services Ltd and most importantly for our Goole clients’.”

Simon tom Worden, Managing Director of Navalis Shipping, said: “Together with TTS Shipping, we see a long future for the timber trade in the Humber and therefore invested in this new ship. We look forward to many successful voyages.”

Peter Waud, Managing Director of Global Shipping Services Ltd, added: “This is fantastic news, the acquisition of the MV Humber Runner is great news and allows regular shipments to continue into Goole to and from the Baltic.”

Navalis Shipping and TTS Shipping have traded together successfully for more than 20 years before the acquisition in December 2021. Both companies specialise in the forest product trade in the North and Baltic Sea.

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