National Award for Local Transport Company


Local company Collett & Sons Ltd have been awarded with the Team of the Year award at the 2019 Motor Transport Awards. 

Taking place at London’s Hyde Park Hotel, the awards are a benchmark for excellence amongst UK road transport fleet operators and are judged by a panel of senior independent figures within the transport industry.

Collett & Sons Ltd were shortlisted for the Team of the Year award for their project delivering three 170 Tonne super grid transformers in a four-week period.  As part of a substation upgrade programme, Collett were appointed to deliver the three transformers to Cellarhead, Lovedean and Willenhall National Grid substations.  

Utilising their 550 Tonne capacity girder bridge, designed specifically for transporting transformers, Collett Team travelled 270KM with a total of 507 Tonnes in a tight four-week period.  The tight timescale and restricted access demanded creative thinking and innovative engineering from the Collett Team. Combining intricate planning, innovative engineering, expert heavy haulage and specifically engineered jacking & skidding operations.

Judges said the project was extremely challenging, especially as these high-profile moves had attracted a lot of publicity and so the Team were under great pressure to deliver.  One judge was especially impressed with the breadth of the service provided by Collett, while another said the Team had only one shot to get it right and they had “smashed it out of the park”.