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The Perfect Product Label

When you want to ensure that your product is successful, good marketing is vital. There are so many ways to market a product today, from social media and SEO to more traditional forms of marketing like print ads.

When you want to ensure that your product is successful, good marketing is vital. There are so many ways to market a product today, from social media and SEO to more traditional forms of marketing like print ads.

One aspect of a products marketing that’s vital to get right is the product label. Often people don’t consider a product label as a form of marketing; instead thinking of it as part of the product itself. However the label of a product is just as, if not more important, than other types of marketing.

There are many things that go into making a great product label. One of the best ways to ensure that you get the label for your product right is by doing good market research. You need to find out as much about your target audience as possible. Things like –

  • Age
  • Tastes
  • Gender
  • Education

Having this information will help you to make informed design decisions and create a label that will appeal to your target demographic.

In addition to finding out about your target consumers, you should also do plenty of research into competitors. It’s invaluable to know what the most successful products are in your industry so you can get a feel for what consumers want.

Below are some of the most important elements to get right with your product label design


Colors are incredibly important when it comes to label design. It’s a good idea to start out by comparing a range of color schemes to narrow down which is the best fit for your product.

If you’re going for a simple and elegant design then it’s usually a good idea to use a limited color scheme of just 2-3 colors. This helps to keep the design simple and put the focus on the visual elements rather than distracting from it with a lot of garish colors.


The fonts you use will have a very big impact on the overall look of the label so it’s vital to get them right. There are countless fonts out there you could use so choosing the right ones can take some time. It’s a good idea to think about the overall style you want to go for at the beginning rather than trying to nail down specific fonts. You also need to think about how well different fonts work together.

Hand lettering has become very popular in design over the last few years. It helps to create a distinct and hand-crafted look that’s suitable for many different types of products. If you don’t want to use ready-made fonts only then you might consider hiring a hand lettering artist.


The images and graphics used in a product label are some of the most important design elements so you need to think carefully about the times of images you use. If you want their to be an graphic as part of the design then you should think about the style that will suit your product. Do you want there to be a mascot? If so would a vector style work best or a more traditional illustration? These are all things you need to think about carefully to get the design right.

Label shape

Another important aspect of a label design is the shape of the label itself. It can be tempting to make this an afterthought but it can be just as important as the other more obvious aspects of the label.

Depending on the type of product and packaging, there might not be too much room for variation in the label shape but if you’re able to then you should think about how the shape of the label will help to distinguish your produce from competitors.

Choosing the packaging materials

The material that’s used for the product label will often be a practical consideration and while factors such as your budget are certainly important, you should also think of the materials used as part of the design itself.

Using the right materials can help your product to stand out and even push its USP. For example if you were selling an ethical or health product then you could push this message by using recyclable material for the packaging and label.

Make sure you find a company that’s equipped to make the type of labels you want and in the volume you need before committing to a certain type of packaging material.

You can find out more about the type of equipment that’s used to create product labels here –

Label information

As well as deciding on what information you want to display on your label, you also need to think about exactly how it will be displayed. There are certain elements that will naturally have the most prominence, namely the product name and company logo. After that though, you should think about any USPs you want to push as well as the information you’re required to have on the label by law.



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