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Connecting the Humber

humber tag humber bridge

For a long time, the Humber Estuary was a barrier to trade and development between the two banks and local interests campaigned for over 100 years for the construction of a bridge or tunnel across the estuary.

Since the construction of the bridge, it has saved many millions of vehicle miles and many valuable hours of drivers’ and passengers’ time.

The Humber Bridge connects the north and south banks of the estuary in many ways.

More and more businesses are now operating on both sides of the water resulting in workers commuting across the bridge on a daily basis.

Commercial vehicles, tourists and holiday makers have benefited from the ever-changing prices and modernisations of the bridge who would originally have had to travel around the estuary to reach destinations in the region.

In March of this year, the Humber Bridge announced that they were to introduce contactless debit and credit card payments to complement the new electronic tolling system. This is the latest step into modernising the payment methods at the Humber Bridge after the introduction of the HumberTag in November 2015 which has had a huge impact on traffic flow and has saved time and money for all bridge users, whatever vehicle they may be driving across the water. The system has contributed to a seven per cent increase in traffic using the bridge in the past twelve months.

The HumberTag enables regular uses of the Humber Bridge to cross without having to stop at a toll booth with an electronic tag which is linked to an online account and is detected at the Tag Lane on the bridge. The General Manager of the Humber Bridge said that they would also look into other forms of payment such as Apple Pay and fuel cards. This will no longer limit bridge users to a certain type of payment and means that they will be able to pay in a way that better suits their needs.

There have been some incidents on the bridge when people have mistakenly migrated into the HumberTag (ORT) lane and have missed payment for their crossing. You are still able to pay without incurring a violation charge by visiting the HumberTag website or by ringing Customer Services.

For most people who cross the Humber Bridge on a daily basis, the HumberTag is the best form of payment to opt for as it’s the quickest and the cheapest way to pay. However, debit and credit card payments will help to improve the options for drivers who cross the bridge.

They are continuously looking for ways to optimise the income streams and value of the bridge to the Humber region.

There has recently been developments regarding a brand new tourist attraction to take visitors up to the top of the Humber Bridge north tower.

The plan for a glass elevator includes a viewing platform designed to take tourists to the top and enable them to see the amazing views across the Humber from a safer environment. There will also be a visitor centre, complete with a restaurant, a 60-bedroom hotel and car parks as part of a wider development scheme.

If the application is given by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, work will commence later in the year with the expected completion of the project anticipated in the year 2017. Visitors to the completed attraction will go from the north side anchorage point by gondola underneath the bridge to the north tower where they will be able to get into one of two pods taking them up to a glazed gallery spanning the two tower legs which then ascends to the top of the north tower to the viewing platform.

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