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Positive mindset improves business by fifty per cent

Positive mindset improves business by fifty per cent
Kirsten Ashbridge, Caroline Shorrocks, Fiona Ives, Simon Bone, Karen Platts, Fiona Tuplin with Sheila Granger (seated).

A mindset programme specifically designed for business people, aims to help local businesses achieve their goals. Having worked as a clinical hypnotherapist for almost 10 years, Sheila Granger is running a 28-day course which uses the mind’s cognitive powers to focus on success.

Over the last year, Sheila has interviewed well-known, Hull based business people and sports personalities to uncover the strategies and techniques they practice for motivation and growth. The findings from these interviews are being published in her book ‘Go the Hull Way’, and will be utilised in the 28-day mindset programme, which has been piloted by local business woman, Fiona Ives who manages a team of more than five hundred network marketers.

Fiona Ives explained:

I completed Sheila’s mindset programme with a group of my team members. We focused on identifying our personal goals, developing self-confidence, personal belief, motivation and most importantly a strong focus on taking action.

I am delighted to say that as a result of our training, my business has grown by a massive fifty per cent and, the number of new recruits within the pilot group doubled.

I never expected this level of success but it just goes to show that improving mindset can really improve a business.

Sheila said:

Obviously I am delighted with Fiona’s results and we have used this pilot to test and refine the programme which I designed to suit any kind of business as it is all about how people think. Over the years I have proven that hypnotherapy can help weight loss, to stop smoking and free people from negative emotions. Now I am doing the same for people in business.

The 28 day mindset challenge for business includes four, weekly sessions as well as a personal audio to listen to in-between the sessions. Candidates will gain a new and deeper understanding of how the mind works through experiencing and using hypnosis and will be able to take charge of their lives. I will provide practical tools to help maintain these changes and allow further renewal and growth.

For people in business it is common to feel under immense pressure, which is quite often accepted as part of being self-employed or with the responsibility of holding corporate positions. It is however, important to acknowledge this and understand that there are ways to manage the negative effect of this pressure to help improve our lives.

Personal development is a huge growth industry and when I am networking with local business people, it is a common topic for improving business.

There is nothing magical or mystical about hypnosis, it is a state that we find ourselves in many times each day. Quite often when we are driving on a regular route for example, we won’t remember the actual journey, even though we are alert and safe, the mind was elsewhere and this is a typical state of hypnosis.

I have worked with literally thousands of people over the years, helping to break bad habits and think more positively. By taking on a new way of thinking, it has changed lives for the better as through the power of hypnotherapy, it is possible to deal with stress, regain focus and release ourselves from anxiety as well as deal with other personal challenges.

The programme will start on Monday 11 July at 7pm and anyone interested can register an interest by texting ‘Mindset’ with name and email address to 88802.

For more information, please visit

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