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A third of workers are unhappy in their job

A new study released today indicates that job satisfaction in the UK is low, with many workers wishing they were doing something entirely different with their lives.

A new study released today indicates that job satisfaction in the UK is low, with many workers wishing they were doing something entirely different with their lives.

The research, commissioned by shows 53 per cent of people in Leeds are genuinely happy in their career and 11 per cent confess they simply ‘fell into it’ through the first job they got. As a result, 36 per cent say they are unhappy at work and one in seven (14 per cent) admit they are actively looking for a new job.

Across Britain, it appears the daily grind is getting people down, with those working in retail (26%) the most likely to be job-seeking in a bid to start afresh, closely followed by those in the transport industry (23%) and healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses (21%).

Nearly one in ten (7%) say choosing their current career is the biggest regret in their life with 17 per cent wishing they had followed their dream instead. Fourteen per cent wish they had chosen an entirely different career, whilst 11 per cent are putting up with it for the time being but want to switch to a ‘more fulfilling career’ later in life.

Andy Pickles, CEO of online careers service Start said:

Many of us end up in a job we don’t enjoy because of decisions we make at a young age, whether that be choosing the wrong subjects or not having enough guidance at school. It’s disappointing that people say they have ‘fallen’ into a role but so often we leave school without a real sense of direction.

Interestingly, a third of respondents said their parents had provided the most influence on their careers, meaning for those of us with children, we play an important part in their future. By ensuring young people have accessible and relevant information, we can empower the next generation into careers which will help build our economy and, hopefully, a happier workforce.

The research also found that only one in ten (9%) said a teacher had inspired them and six per cent claimed to have been influenced by a literary or TV character.

Start is a free careers software for teachers, parents and students, designed to help young people connect ideas, interests and aspirations to jobs and educational pathways.

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