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Poll shows Fuel Duty Freeze has been a Life Saver to Millions

Having seen that an inflation rise in duty according to the CEBR will fleece £5bn from consumer spending in this Parliament, what does the public think about the rumoured hike and its impact on their lives?

Last night all MPs were sent a copy of the largest ever opinion poll on Fuel Duty (carried out Feb 20-22). Over 12,500 of the public across the UK took part in this Pre Budget Survey. In 12 hours 190 MPs have opened the survey results link.

Poll Headline Findings Include:

  1. 98% said that the freeze in duty and lower pump prices has been a lifesaver, hugely helpful or just helpful.
  2. 97.2% said it was manifestly wrong to increase fuel duty.
  3. 81.9% said they have used savings made at the pumps to reduce their financial stress, pay bills and to help make ends meet.
  4. 98.4% said that it would be wrong to hike duty because of low oil prices.
  5. 91.7% said that the Chancellor should not use a ‘green’ argument to increase Duty
  6. 82.2% said that a 3p cut in fuel duty would benefit the economy.
  7. 85.5 % of respondents to the Poll are convinced the Chancellor is only interested in helping big business, the banks and the “super rich”.
  8. 76.5%, 74.8% and 73.5% believe that the Chancellor should INCREASE duty on Gambling, Tobacco and Alcopops respectively.
  9. 82.4%, 82.3% and 76.5% believe that the Chancellor should DECREASE duty on Diesel, Petrol and Heating Oil respectively.
  10. 71.1% believe that the Government’s transport spending priority should be on repairing roads with only 0.3% in support of HS2.

The Detailed Poll Findings can be downloaded at:

The Latest CEBR Report can be downloaded at:

The questionnaire itself can be seen at:

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