Refresh your road safety skills

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Refresh your road safety skills – that is the call from a leading UK road safety organisation which educates 320,000 road users each year after new statistics released today show yet another increase in road deaths and injuries.

Latest casualty figures from the Department for Transport reveal that 1,775 people died in Great Britain in 2014 – a four per cent increase on the previous year and 22,807 more were seriously injured, up five per cent. All road casualties rose to 194,477, up six per cent.

Cyclist injuries have risen with the sport’s rise in popularity, up four per cent from 2005 to 2009 to 50 per cent of all road deaths with serious injuries to cyclists rising by 42 per cent.

Des Morrison, MD of the TTC Group which runs courses nationwide for people caught speeding or after being referred by police for minor traffic offences said:

We know that people are safer on the roads with extra tuition. It should not be the case of passing your test at 17 and never, ever, taking a refresher course.

Business drivers, involved in more than one in four crashes, can proactively manage their risk with TTC DriverProtect while individuals can upgrade their skills by taking a course. TTC Cycle Experience also run roadshows and courses for cyclists of all ages from toddlers and above to teach safe cycling techniques.

Lord Digby Jones has given his backing to a TTC Group campaign to educate people who drive at work to cut road deaths and injuries among the workforce. He is pictured last week at the TTC Group HQ in the wreckage of a car after a crash victim rescue demo by firefighters as part of the road safety campaign.

Mr Morrison. added:

For the past 15 years people have been telling us how much safer they feel on the road after attending a course. They refresh some forgotten skills or learn new ones and are safer as a result,”

Businesses can also take professional steps to manage the risk their employees face on the road by taking advantage of TTC’s DriverProtect programme.

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