Huntingdon Life Sciences and Harlan Laboratories to become Envigo

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On September 21, 2015, our group of companies, which presently comprises the trading companies, Huntingdon Life Sciences, Harlan Laboratories, GFA, NDA Analytics, LSR associates and various affiliates will be rebranded as Envigo (pronounced En-vee-go).

The needs of our suppliers and business partners will continue to remain a top priority for us moving forward, and we look forward to continue working with you to help us strive to deliver operational, scientific and service excellence to all our customers. With this in mind we are keen to convey some practical information which may assist your operations, finance, legal and other departments in understanding some of the changes which will take place as we complete our rebranding on September 21, 2015.

  • If you are presently dealing with one or more of our legal entities, such as those mentioned above, please note that we will only be changing the name of that entity (for example, Huntingdon Life Sciences Limited will be re-named Envigo CRS Limited, and Harlan Laboratories, Inc. will be re-named Envigo RMS, Inc.)
  • In every other respect all of these legal entities will remain exactly as they are today – they will continue to have the same company registration numbers and registered addresses.
  • We do not plan to amend our existing contracts to reflect this name change as the actual legal entity will not change.
  • All new contracts entered into after rebranding will reflect the existing legal entity’s new name.
  • All new purchase orders should be raised against the existing legal entity’s new name.
  • After our rebranding invoices will come from the same legal entity, however they will reflect the new name.
    All bank account numbers remain the same, however payee details will change to the existing legal entity’s new name.
  • Where there are tax, legal or other official forms that are required to reflect the existing legal entity’s new name, please liaise with your current procurement contact.

If you have further questions please do ask your existing points of contact within our company.

We thank you for your continued support of HLS, Harlan and our affiliates, and look forward to further developing our relationship with you under the Envigo name.