Hull global IT firm Systech IT Solutions becomes one of only four companies in the UK to achieve Kemp Center status

Systech IT Solutions, a specialist IT consultancy and solutions provider based in Hull, has received one of the industry's most coveted titles by becoming a Dell Preferred Partner.
Ryan Mangan, Managing Director of Systech IT Solutions

Hull’s award winning IT firm, Systech IT Solutions, is again celebrating its stratospheric rise towards global status with news that it is now one of only four other companies throughout the entire UK to have become a Kemp Centre.

The much coveted title can only be given to those companies who have shown themselves to possess unbeatable sales and technical teams and those who have proven themselves time and again through successful outcomes when working on large scale Kemp projects.

Kemp are known around the world for always on, always accessible load balancing solutions that allow companies to keep their applications online 24/7, without interruption.

The KEMP partner programme was designed for three primary purposes. To serve as an effective means of training support for channel partners, to provide marketing and other resources, so resellers can effectively sell KEMP products, and to provide adequate training and marketing support in exchange for their commitment and success of selling KEMP.

With their support, Systech IT Solutions have quickly shown their competitors and industry observers what they are capable of through their honest, no nonsense problem solving intelligence.

Ryan Mangan, Managing Director of Systech IT Solutions, says it may be his ship but it’s most certainly his team who steers them to victory time and time again:

As a KEMP Centre Partner, we will see a plethora of new opportunities. As one of the leading partners in the North, we will be equipped to offer industry leading KEMP training, support, products and installations.

We are delighted to be able to share our many years of KEMP experience with others and help people to make the most out of their KEMP installations, Support and Technical advice.

Hull based Systech IT Solutions have managed to make huge strides, both inside and outside of the IT industry, on a global scale but with benefits to the local community and its workforces and it’s in no small measure because of their openness and honesty when it communicating with clients and business peers alike.