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Wetnose supports the smaller animal rescue centres and organisations caring for sick or vulnerable animals, where there are limited or insufficient funds to carry out the work they do.

Wetnose supports the smaller animal rescue centres and organisations caring for sick or vulnerable animals, where there are limited or insufficient funds to carry out the work they do.

Many of the larger animal charities have a great deal of financial support, whereas smaller, less well known organisations struggle to raise adequate funding and do not have access to funds as other charities do.

Wetnose has a valuable and essential place in helping animals that otherwise would not receive the care that they need, by placing funds where they are most needed.

National Wetnose Day is an annual event to raise funds and awareness, Red Nose Day was created for Humans…well Wetnose is for our animals!

It is ironic that whilst some 47% of UK households have a pet of some sort, NO national fund raising initiative has been developed.

Wetnose Animal Aid is correcting that by creating the Wetnose Day event to happen on September.

Every year, thousands of animals need new homes, and due to the vast numbers of homeless animals, there are simply not enough homes to go round.

Over *30* dogs are put to sleep every day in the UK due to lack of space in rescue centres.

The 2013/2014 annual Stray Dogs Survey released today by Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity, reveals a shocking *111,986* stray and abandoned dogs were picked up by Local Authorities across the UK over the last 12 months, equating to a staggering 307 stray dogs being found every day. That’s without cats, horses, primates, parrots, snakes, rabbits and wildlife that need rescuing and help too!

These Rescue Centres are experiencing a noticeable increase in animals being ‘dumped’ on them, as owners continue for various reasons not to be able to keep their animals.

That equation does not balance, and therefore this Wetnose Day is an important event to help raise serious levels of funds to get the balance back and help Rescue Centres with the ever increase in sick animals being bought in for care, behavioural problems or treatment.

We will invite schools, groomers, vets surgeries, pet companies to join in too as we need more veterinary nurses, specialist vets, farriers as well as marine vets and animal experts in general.

This is one way of helping to educate children by having fun and making them aware that animals are an important part of our daily lives, especially pets and our wildlife.

Woodgreen Animal Shelter shows support for Wetnose Day

Wetnose Day is an amazing opportunity to raise the profile of the many animals being cared for by rescue organisations around the country, sadly Wood Green, The Animals Charity, like so many organisations, are constantly full of animals in need of extra special care and attention as they no longer have an owner to call their own.

Some will have serious medical conditions that require immediate, expensive treatments, others will require confidence building and training in order to help them cope with day to day life but most just need a loving home where they will be given the care and stimulation that they need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Wetnose Day is a chance to give these animals a voice, and to remind people to ‘think rescue’ rather than buying a puppy from a breeder or over the internet.

As part of the event we can raise the profile of the amazing pets who come into rescue who have so much love and fun to bring to caring new owners.”

Friday 25th September


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