Children’s Programme Announced at Theatre


In order to engage and attract a younger audience, East Riding Theatre has announced a new programme of shows aimed specifically at children, starting with a Beverley Puppet Festival performance in July.

PuppetCraft’s ‘Monkey’ is the first in a series of events to inspire and encourage involvement with the local theatre.

Theatre Director Sue Kirkman said:

East Riding Theatre (ERT) is very much a community hub and children are an integral part of that. We want to engage with them from a young age and will be introducing a variety of shows that are suitable for an audience aged 4-11, however older children will also be welcome to come along too.

ERT wants to provide a space in the town that welcomes youngsters. Who knows, we may inspire them to work in the creative industries in one way or another. It is important for us to become an all-round inclusive venue that can provide top-notch entertainment for people of all ages. We are excited about launching our association with Beverley Puppet Festival and their production of ‘Monkey’ in July.

Later in the month we will be opening for a special craft day, in preparation for a piece of immersive theatre from SHE PRODUCTIONS, entitled ‘The Three Kingdoms.’
Children are invited to come along and help make the sets for the show which will run in August.

Also, we will soon be releasing details of a summer school programme, so we really do have a lot lined up for youngsters and hope to become a place where children ask their parents to take them.

The association between East Riding Theatre and Beverley Puppet Festival will bring stand-alone shows to the town during a non-festival year.

Anna Ingleby, founder and director of the puppet festival explained:

Touring theatre shows for children are fairly rare in Beverley. We hope that our first event, as part of this mutually supportive relationship, will inspire families and continue to raise the bar, for high quality puppet shows locally.

The theatre has already attracted the attention of many local children, Casper Clark age 9 is looking forward to visiting the theatre more regularly.

Casper said:

I went to see A Christmas Carol at the Theatre, it got me really excited for Christmas and my parents said it was great that we could finally walk to a theatre instead of having to travel. I normally go to the cinema or theatre in Hull so it will be good to have something to do in Beverley on a weekend. I’m really looking forward to seeing ‘Monkey’ especially with it being organised by Beverley Puppet Festival as their puppets are always totally amazing. I saw the puppets in town last year, some looked real. They are really clever and I can’t wait to go the East Riding Theatre again to see what they come up with next.

East Riding Theatre’s Children’s Programme kicks off on 4 July with ‘Monkey’ at 2.30pm and the Craft Day takes place on 12 July from 11:00am. Tickets are available from the box office – or telephone 01482 874050.