Energy-efficient homes complete after two years


After two years of planning, an estate in Hull is the first in the country to build energy-efficient homes.

There will be five modular houses on the Great Thornton estate which will be the first family homes to be built on the site for more than 30 years. Each house is built from four modules which were constructed in a Brandesburton factory then delivered to the estate.

The houses all have three bedrooms along with triple-glazed windows, solar panels and a communal rainwater harvesting tank, designed to increase the quality of life for families.

Led by the Goodwin Development trust, the aim of the program is to show how easy and affordable it is to build houses which do not harm the environment but are also cheap to maintain.

Due to these homes taking only three days to install, there is a plan on the horizon of building 24 bungalows of the same design. The houses have been given a Government standing of ‘Code 5’ meaning that they are a sustainable place to live with low running costs.

Sharon Igoe, chairman of Goodwin Community Housing, can’t believe that the project is nearly complete after they began two years ago:

We are very excited to be here and it is a big day for everyone.

There will be six weeks spent decorating the houses and from the 1st July 2015, they will be available to rent.

By Victoria Anderson