Laser and Engraving days – Gravograph announces a series of workshops across their UK offices

Anyone interested in finding out more about laser and engraving systems will benefit from attending Gravograph’s series of open days and roadshows - and join in a double anniversary celebration!

Anyone interested in finding out more about laser and engraving systems will benefit from attending Gravograph’s series of open days and roadshows – and join in a double anniversary celebration!

Gravograph (Gravotech Group) is a unique company in many ways. Established in 1950, Gravograph is now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of engraving and permanent marking equipment. But its main originality comes from the fact that the company still focuses on manufacturing and selling their own products directly, as it did when it first started selling the very early pantograph engravers.

Gravograph software, engraving machines, laser systems, engraving laminates and consumables all originate from the company’s R&D centre and regional factories.

Gravotech group’s range of products has considerably increased in recent years, with a special focus on lasers turning the company into an industry leader. Named ‘Laser Solutions’ or LS for short, the worldwide group’s laser range include many different technologies, from C02 to YAG to Fibre or even Green Laser – all available in a flat bed version (also known as ‘gantry’) or compact head mounted moving optics version (or ‘galvo’ lasers). A large number of Gravotech lasers end up fitted onto production lines, often working 24/7 in harsh environments.

2015 is a double anniversary for Gravotech: it is 65 years since Gravograph was formed and 20 years since the production of their first laser. Since 1995 laser technology has evolved and today quality lasers are available from as little as £35 per week on finance, enabling successful businesses to be created or further developed. Already a market reference for small to medium quality lasers with the LS100 range of lasers, Gravograph has recently launched the large format version LS1000XP; capable of perfect quality laser engraving and cutting over a 1220x610mm bed at a maximum record breaking speed of 4 metres per second and 0.05mm repeatability precision.

Computerised engraving machines have also benefited from recent innovations, winning two industry awards at the last Trophex show: ‘Best in New Technology’ and ‘Most Pioneering Machinery’. These awards came after an extremely successful year for Gravograph, having supplied major accounts including Timpson with several hundred compact M20 engravers. A testimonial to the quality of both equipment and support which Gravograph is able to provide to their customers.

Companies taking part in the Laser and Engraving Days will learn about these technologies and their applications with a hands-on approach, through one-to-one presentations of the machines by our team of experts. New products will include the super-fast LS1000XP laser, a new version of the handwriting engraving magic tablet Dedicace, the latest C02 and Fibre metal marking lasers, as well as the award winning ABC range of computerised non-PC engravers. For signmakers an all-new fully automatic Braille kit will be shown for the first time, presented on a large format power engraver able to engrave and cut anything from plastic to stainless steel.


Whenever possible the showrooms will be organised into different areas representing various activities: trophy and awards, industrial engraving, gift and jewellery personalisation as well as sign making. So whatever your activity, there will certainly be something of specific interest to you.

Where and when are the Laser and Engraving Days taking place? The first event will be held at Gravograph’s main (and recently extended) Leamington Spa showroom in May, followed by further events in Glasgow, Bristol, Belfast, Dublin, Halifax and London.

Interested? Don’t wait! Contact Gravograph today and take part in one of the Laser and Engraving Days taking place near you.

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