Hallmark Solicitors supports campaign to reduce unemployment in Yorkshire

Hallmark Solicitors supports campaign to reduce unemployment in Yorkshire

Hallmark Solicitors a leading commercial law firm with its headquarters in Hull has backed a campaign by Viking FM to find £1 Million of Work in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

The concept is to provide Employers with a platform to advertise their job vacancies free of charge and where Employees could also look for their next opportunity for work. The aim was to post £1 Million of Work. Not only was the campaign successful in meeting its target, the target was well and truly exceeded with employers and businesses in the Region posting a whopping £18 Million worth of job vacancies.

Speaking about Million Pounds of Work campaign, Prime Minister, David Cameron said: “I would totally back that. I think what is needed is encouraging firms to take people on, encouraging people to set out and start up their own businesses. That’s exactly what your campaign is doing and that’s what the Government’s trying to back.”

Deputy Prime Minster, Nick Clegg said: “I’m backing the Million Pounds Of Work Campaign. Optimism is starting to come back into the economy, it’s certainly growing much faster than it was. But we need to make sure that we match those people who are looking for work with those people who have got work to offer.”

Uche Akali, the Managing Director of Hallmark Solicitors and Business Growth Specialist said, “We were delighted to be asked to lend our voice and name to this worthy campaign. Businesses are getting ready to step out of a long and sustained recession and could do with all the helping hand they could get in employing staff and growing their businesses”.

Also speaking about the Campaign, she said, “We felt it was necessary to support businesses in this way. We were delighted to go the extra mile and as part of the Campaign, offered employers, particularly those employing for the first time, a free 2-hour audit and review of their employment contracts, practices, policies and procedures”.

The £1 Million of Work campaign culminates in an Employment Law Seminar:-
Dealing with Difficult Situations: Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures & Practice

DATE: Wednesday, 2nd July 2014
TIME: 2.00 pm
VENUE: Hallmark Solicitors, Chandlers Court, 158/159 High Street, Hull HU1 1NQ
COST: Free



Len specialises in Employment Law and Civil Litigation. He has 20 years litigation experience and provides advice on matters such as employment contracts, policies and procedures and updating client’s on changes in the law. He also advises on dispute resolution work such as Employment Tribunal claims.

Len will deliver an interactive session how to handle difficult situations and will be providing some needed guidance on grievance and disciplinary practices and procedures. He will use his years of practice and experience to provide useful pointers on how to avoid conflict as well as handle conflict fairly.


Rachael Alexander is a professional Psychologist and founder of I Can Handle it! Rachael has 15 years of corporate training experience. Her qualifications in Psychology, Counselling, NLP, CBT, HR and Life Coaching has led her to create a set of behavioural strategies designed to teach staff and Senior Managers how to create positive relationships, resulting in an environment of high growth, reducing grievances and maximising profit.

Human emotions can sabotage business growth but with current economic pressures can business really afford this? Come along to this interactive, fun informal session where you will leave enlightened with a greater understanding of how to not let our emotions affect business growth!

The Event is aimed at ensuring businesses in the Region are growth ready and have the right policies, practices and procedures in place to handle it. To register or for further information on the Event, call Hallmark Solicitors on 01482 616 616 or email: enquiries@hallmarksolicitors.co.uk